Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

I would be remiss as Blog Editor of Dancing with Baby if I did not include this famous video of a diapered baby dancing to the ever-popular Beyonce.  This single baby has drawn over 3 1/2 million viewers on youtube and even made his way to Time online.  Corey was 13 months old at the time (not even walking yet), and gave us this memorable dance at his grandmother's house in New Zealand.  As his website says, "The TV was tuned to NZ music channel C4 at the time, and when Cory noticed Beyonce’s music video 'Single Ladies' he crawled over and began to dance!"  And soon, the whole world was watching!


  1. Omigosh. This little guy is unbelievable...and look at his rhythm, it's right on beat!!

  2. Poor baby, got tired of standing and dancing so he did the "kneeling dance".


Thanks for dancing as you type!