Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dancing with Baby begins!

I love dancing.  And I love my baby.  So when I read that dancing with your baby every day helps to stimulate brain growth, it seemed the perfect combination for a terrific daily release and bonding moment.  Now I encourage every new and seasoned mom or dad to turn on some tunes, grab their baby, and have a fun rollick around the living room.  Because dancing with baby makes some of the best music around.


  1. Wow, I've been dancing with Betty, just b/c I like to dance and she's always around, so I'm like "Well, let's go then." What kind of music does Dylan like so far. Betty is big on the progressive rock (Jack Johnson, et al), classical, french electronica and (much to my chagrin) soft jazz, but I'm hoping I can get her into old skool hip-hop, too, since that's the best to dance to. We'll see...

  2. That is awesome Betty has such taste already! I can't say D is as discerning. He'll take any ole thing I throw on, but is mostly impressed with live music--be it an Irish Folk concert, a guitarist concert, his dad and me singing a capella or his musical seahorse. He likes it live. Betty will get into old skool, for sure.


Thanks for dancing as you type!